Businesses Who Trust Andrew Phillips, Cliq With Electronic Payments Are Bound To Benefit

Owners and operators of nimble businesses are uniquely positioned. They are able to gauge options, decide what works best and execute. Not every company can do this without layers upon layers of oversight and approvals before even the slightest changes to standard operating procedure are made. For example, companies who don’t have direct deposit set up can either distribute paper checks to workers or seek out a more modern alternative. It’s this either-or reality that spurred Andrew Phillips, Cliq to the forefront.

“Whether it’s a customer’s credit card or ACH transaction or an employee waiting for payroll, or virtually any other type of electronic payment, processing happens instantly — but it doesn’t happen by itself,” Andrew Phillips, Cardflex’s principal said recently.

Mr. Phillips has a point and his boutique electronic payments company has the success — not to mention $7.5 billion in transactions in 2017 — to back up his confidence. While Mr. Phillips got his start in the financial sector in the early 1980s, he soon revolutionized the way manual payment processing was conducted. The technology to automate the work soon spread to credit and debit cards, then supermarkets then employers and business clients across the country. As a key figure with Cardflex, Andrew Phillips would become a key player in the payments sector and see the company grow to offer a vast array of ACH, Credit and Debit processing solutions. After the company rebranded to Cliq, Andrew Phillips continued to offer innovative products to clients. The latest came in the form of real-time funding and distribution of tips earned by workers that applied to the pre-paid cards that this company pioneered.

Since the Cliq operation is not a mega processor, those who choose to work with Andrew Phillips and his boutique company benefit from the extensive in-house knowledge boasted by tenured employees – all with a shared customer centric culture, who similarly go to great lengths to give clients the right program package to meet their needs. “They are all our customers and are served with respect, integrity, urgency and excellence,” Mr. Phillips said recently of those who come to Cardflex, now Cliq, with their unique needs.